My name is Or-ya Guetta, and I'm a Textiles-design student based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I study at Shenkar college for engineering and design in Ramat Gan, and specializing in weaving. coloring and dying threads, Manual and industrial work. 

working from fibers to threads, and from threads to fabrics. 

Weaving | Knitting | Screen Printing | Drawing | Pattern Making

I'm part of a family of weavers, knitters and textiles lovers. My grandmothers are both hand-weavers that came to Israel 70 years ago with their looms, and their passion for textiles passed on to me. I love the process as much as I love the final outcome. For me, every thread has its own value and every paintbrush is as important as the painting itself. The process of turning your inspiration and ideas into something concrete is the best feeling I can ever Imagine.

Contact Me 

 972 52 474 0301 


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