Working on my final graduating project -  a collection of scarves, Shawls and Tippets inspired by the four Temperaments

Temperaments are the combining biological and psychological components that form the basic character of man. Each temperament has a season, element, motif and color palettes that are connected to it. Each person has all four, when in most cases there is one more dominant.

My project concentrates on the four temperaments and intermediate states: switching from hot to cold, for example. Scarves are one of the few fashion items that does not require a cut or bodice, and it does not depend on a particular body structure, and thus it adapts itself to all sizes. In this way, there is nothing to prevent anyone from wrapping him.her-self in a shawl for reasons related to his.her body image.

During the first semester of my last year, I worked on developing of the project and its division into elements - mapping of project topics and inspirations, making design decisions and narrating the story of the project from written word to fabrics. here are some of the things I was working on...  


"Temperaments color the human nature"

Making these short clips has helped me understand the materials I want to work with. weaving, coloring, breaking traditions with the strict warp and weft that were not enough anymore. by intervening with colors and markers it helps me break the regular weaving and making my own interpretation for these four tempers. 

MY Desktop

This project, helped me understand my project in a different way: If you know your materials and research tools - you can use them in your project. knowing what and you do things best can help you along the way

(Reccomended: See description in picture)

Mapping the project

Working on a big project like this can be very tricky. Sometimes you have to drop the micro and strat examining the macro - when working on the smaller picture only, you sometimes lose the meaning in the bigger picture. taking a spet back and just divide your project into sections can do a lot for you. for instance, my project is exploring the four temperaments, and so, I divided them into different elements, seasons, human characters, and color palletes. 

This way, if I want to make mix-match with the Intermediate states - I can just take the season from one temper and mixing it with the colors of another temper. thus, making the intermediates and the basic temper very clear to me in my line of work. 

Phlegmatic temperament (Ethereal body)

Season: Winter

Element: Water 

Color: WHITE. light and calm palette

Character: Indifferent, Stuck inside his dead. 

Choleric temperament (Human Ego)

Season: Summer

Element: Fire

Color: YELLOW. bright, hot palette

Character: Dominant, irascible

Melancholic temperament (Physical body)

Season: Autumn

Element: Earth

Color: BLACK. Muddy, gloomy colors

Character: Depressed, Poor Sprited 

Sanguine temperament (Astral Body)

Season: Spring

Element: Wind

Color: RED, pastel yet cheerful palette.

Character: Wholesome, Trusting

Narrating your project

Working on the project 24/7 is fine and all. But it wont do you any good if you don't know where you are heading.

By creating a narrative to your story line you can help yourself more than you know... Is the final outcome even related to the research?Maybe one story isn't  enough? Maybe one side can match the other one? 

Taking all that I know, all the color palettes, the actual research and combining it into fabrics, woven structure and color extravaganza! Taking a look into the bigger picture can help you figure out your progress and helping you understand the whole process.

This part is a work in progress... I'm still trying to figure out everything.

But, for now, here are some of the fabrics I have made while understanding the mapping project:

And last but not least... THANK YOU DANA 

for this great semester

@2018 Orya Guetta

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